Advantages of clearing NISM X A: Investment Adviser (Level 1 & 2) Certification Examination

Why Investment Adviser

The examination seeks to create a common minimum knowledge benchmark for all associated persons registered as an investment adviser and partners and representatives of investment advisers under SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013 and offering investment advisory services.

This course offers several advantages to the associated persons for their elevated career path. Some of them are being discussed below:

  • After completing both the levels of this examination, an associated person is eligible to provide the investment advice to the investors in the capital market. By the term, associated person, we mean a temporary or a permanent employee of any entity that is operating in the security space in India.
  • By completing NISM Investment Adviser level 1, an associated person gets oriented to the wealth tax, income tax and legal formalities of estate planning in the field of personal finance. He/she can also comprehend the regulatory aspects of the advisory.
  • On successfully completing the examination, the person gets to know the fundamentals of investment advisory, moves towards the advisory process and is able to make and implement various financial plans.
  • Get acquainted with financial planning as an approach to investing, insurance, retirement planning and an aid for advisers to develop long term relationships with their clients.
  • This course helps the advisers to make out how to understand various products and their suitability. They can also understand how and why their recommendations can affect the risks on investment.
  • They can also understand how the various products can impact the strategies and returns of the investors or the other prospective investors in the capital market within their personal finance environment.

Career Prospects

There are plenty of job opportunities after the successful completion of NISM Investment Adviser level 1 & 2. It gives you recognition in the job market where the other candidates try to compete with just the basic operating knowledge and a lack of a certification. It offers you an edge as NISM has a good brand value. After completing this course, you can apply for the jobs of sales representatives of banks, mutual funds or any other entity that sells derivatives and stocks.

With the recent boom in India, many companies like ICICI, HDFC, Reliance Mutual, ShareKhan etc. have got into this business and are always on a lookout for suitable candidates. Candidates who clear both the levels earn average CTC around 5,00,000 lkh rs a year.